Customer Testimonials

This is the dealer to call near Darien, CT

Proficient Electric installed my Generac generator in 2006. The service is excellent and we've gotten a lot of use out of the generator-- especially recently. In the early hours of Hurricane Irene in 2011 we lost power and I probably only had a few hours before my basement was going to start flooding. Unfortunately my generator unit had a short of some kind and would not start automatically or even manually. Panicked, I called Proficient and within 15 minutes and during a driving and dangerous rainstorm, they showed up and got the generator working again. I RARELY see that kind of service for ANYTHING and it is worth its weight in GOLD!

-Odfjord from Darien

Couldn't ask for anything more they are AWESOME!

I have had my generator for almost 4 years now. I can't believe how efficient Proficient Electric has been in servicing my unit. Before Hurricane Irene hit they came by to check on my generator and made sure it was in working condition before the storm WOW! They also stopped by when they knew I was without power for several days to check the unit again and top off/change the oil so I wouldn't have a problem. That is what maintenance and customer service is all about. I would recommend Proficient Electric for all of your generator needs.

-Mike from Westport

Proficient is Fantastic

Todd and his crew at Proficient Electric are world class. Honest, knowledgeable and dependable. They recommended the perfect generator, installed it on time and on budget, without disrupting my family and cleaning up the site as new. I am delighted with the product and plan to use them for all of my electrical needs going forward.

-Peter from Darien

Don’t want to write this but I will

Really don’t want to write this bc I would almost prefer that nobody else finds out how great Todd and proficient electric is......Todd was recommended by a friend of mine who said nothing but great things about them.......Todd put in a generator a few years ago, Generac 27kw Quiet Source - they came in on time on budget etc - and the service is great. During hurricane sandy they came by to check and make sure everything was up and running and it was ---- no problems whatsoever. So again, would rather the secret stays somewhat in the family but I must admit he is great and I can’t recommend enough.

-AG from Stamford

Service after sale is key

We have lived in Darien nearly 40 years and in recent years have watched our electrical service grow increasingly unreliable. Our decision to install an propane fueled generator and to choose Proficient was favorably influenced by friends who had used the company. Proficient provided the complete installation and contacts for necessary city P&Z permits, plumbing and electrical. The job went quickly and smoothly. Installing a 20KV generator is both like buying and insurance policy and a car. The generator provides peace of mind, but like an automobile it requires follow-up maintenance and service. Proficient services our generator and supports it during power outages. Buying a generator from someone without the capability to service it is like buying an exotic car and then moving to Montana - once it runs out of oil it becomes almost worthless. I highly recommend Proficient for both installation and for service after the sale.

-Clock from Darien

Best Dealer All Around. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

We have learned the hard way that the most important part of choosing a dealer is the service because the last thing you want is to have your generator fail during a blackout. Otherwise, why have an emergency back-up generator? We installed a generator 15 years ago with a different company. We had it serviced annually but during a bad and extended winter storm, the generator failed. We called for 2 days and they never picked up the phone, nor did they have a message machine or answering service. The phone rang and rang and rang. I decided to call Proficient in the off chance they could help. Todd came over that day in the middle of the storm and put a temporary fix on our generator. He came over the following day to follow-up to make sure it was still working. That is exactly the service you expect when you install an emergency generator and spend $10,000 on a discretionary item. You expect the generator to work and if it doesn't, your dealer and servicer comes out and fixes it. We have referred Proficient Electric to several friends and they have thanked us for the referral. They are responsive, efficient, smart, thoughtful and competitively priced. They want your generator to work when it's supposed to so they put in place a service program so that any issues are identified and fixed before an emergency arises and you need your generator. We use them for all our other electrical work but for a critical component like an emergency generator, we would not go anywhere else. Proficient Electric is an appropriate name because they are PROFICIENT!

-James from Norwalk